Bicycle Accidents

In the past decade, there has been a tremendous resurgence in the popularity of using bicycles for transportation. Whether for recreation, health reasons or simply to save money, more cyclists than ever are sharing the roadways, and many cities in Southern California have struggled to keep up with road planning efforts to accommodate them.

Why Fault Is Vital To Your Bicycle Accident Case

Just like seatbelt and speed limit laws, there are very specific laws about sharing the road with cyclists as well. Unfortunately, distracted or uneducated motorists cause accidents that involve cyclists on a daily basis, and the outcome is rarely good when a ton of steel collides with 25 pounds of aluminum.

Who’s at fault in a bicycle accident is a highly contested part of the case. Motorists often mistakenly assume that cyclists are required to yield, when the truth is that they are required to follow the same traffic laws as cars.

Insurance companies will be quick to contact witnesses and investigate traffic cameras and property damage all to determine if you, the bicyclist, is at fault. You need an attorney on your side to get to the evidence before the insurance company does. Remember, just as in a car accident, it’s important that the victim not make any statements or sign anything from the adjustor until they have counsel from their attorney.

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