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When you have suffered injury, property damage, or even the loss of a loved one after a serious auto or other accident, a competent attorney can help you through the complicated financial and emotional challenges you face. Medical bills and other expenses pile up at a time when you may not be able to work or are in a state of grief, and you may also suffer the loss of property that needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

You want legal counsel from an attorney who has an excellent track record handling personal injury cases, and you also want an attorney who is compassionate, sensitive to your needs and dedicated to fighting on your behalf until you have received the compensation you deserve.

Look No Further Than The Law Offices Of Jeffrey A. Weaver

Throughout the Palm Springs area, you will find the personalized, professional representation you seek at The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver where their goal is to make sure that you are not lost in the legal system or buried in a pile of other cases. While some other attorneys may outsource their cases to other firms, Jeff’s clients work directly with him throughout the entire course of their case. In fact, many keep in contact with Jeff and have even gone on to become personal friends.

What The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver Do

When you receive a free personal consultation from Jeff, he will take the time to thoroughly understand the circumstances of your case and then offer you an honest assessment of what to expect from the legal system. Throughout the process, Jeff will clearly communicate what is happening and what you need to do. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver will:

  • Help you obtain the medical care you need
  • Explain your legal rights and duties
  • Offer legal counseling
  • Initiate your claim
  • Deal directly with insurance companies so you don’t have to
  • Take the case through trial
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement for you

Types Of Cases That The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver Handle

The types of personal injury cases that are handled by The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver include:

  • Serious auto accidents that may lead to injury, disability, disfigurement, property damage and even loss of life.
  • Wrongful death that may occur as a result of an accident or other negligent action
  • Insurance claims to help you receive proper compensation.
  • Bad faith insurance practices that result when insurance companies do not want to honor the policy terms or lowball settlement offers.
  • Sporting accidents that injure fans or participants in sports or recreational activities as a result of negligence, even if you have signed a release or waiver.
  • Premises liability that results from unsafe or defective conditions on someone’s property.
  • Slip and fall, a common type of premises liability that occurs when you suffer injuries that result from tripping, slipping, or falling on a property where the owner should have known about and mitigated the danger.
  • Dog bite incidents that may result in medical treatment, scar revision, disfigurement and loss of earnings.

Let Jeff Work For You

When you have been injured in a serious accident or other event, Jeffrey A. Weaver is ready to help you. To get started, call (760) 318-2854 or fill out the online contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation personal consultation with Jeff.