Bad Faith Insurance Practices

If you have faithfully paid your insurance premiums and maintained good standing with your insurer, only to have a claim denied, it’s normal to feel confused and angry as you try to sort out your rights. If you have tried amicably to work with your insurance company and feel like you’re hitting a wall, it might be time to secure legal representation to move the process along and get you a fair settlement.

If you are the victim of bad faith insurance practices where your insurance company failed to settle a claim against you, you may be able to bring a case against the insurer for the full claim amount, plus additional compensation.

An Insurance Claims Attorney Can Get You The Settlement You Deserve

Finding yourself in either scenario is frustrating, especially when you have upheld your side of the contract and correctly filed your claim. The unfortunate reality is that your insurance company does not have your best interests in mind during the claim process. They are interested in minimizing their payout or finding a way to deny the claim altogether.

Insurance claims attorney, Jeff Weaver, has extensive experience fighting on behalf of clients for rightful settlements and bringing cases against insurers who fail to settle a claim in bad faith. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Weaver handle a variety of insurance claims cases, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Fire or Flood
  • Auto
  • Health
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Corporate Officers and Directors

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